Fragrances of Wine


"I love the perfume so much! Firstly, as a wine lover, I love the idea of wine-inspired perfumes. I use rose, which to me has a warm and pretty scent of vanilla and berries. It reminds me of drinking a glass of rose on a summer day! I use it on a regular basis and it makes me feel feminine and fun. Also, another perk is that the perfume lingers for a long time and lasts through the whole day. Overall, it is a great perfume!"
Jennifer Kim of Denver, Colorado


"Just tried the Rosé de Provence fragrance and it's amazing! Love it"

Elianor Holcomb – US 


I opened the "Fragrances of Wine" bottles...and I think they are absolutely fabulous!!!! I'm still trying to decide which I like's hard! You have a lovely product here! 

Cindy Hayes – CA 


I don’t know what one to get Brenna! I know she loves her bubbles… Sparkle, thats what I’ll go for!

Zachary Chisholm – USA 


« J'adore les parfums et le Noir est mon préféré. C'est subtile, profonde et mystérieuse »

 Hakima Thomas – France


« I have all four because I could not decide on just one. I wear them depending on different occasions and my mood. I love the sensation each one brings.”

 Katie Ford – Prague


I have been wearing the same perfume since I was 18 after a trip to New York city. I was in Bloomingdales with my Mother and I smelled a scent on a woman I fell instantly in love with. Out of character, I approached her and asked I have to know what perfume you are wearing. She responded, Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue.

I have been wearing this scent ever since. I have always had other perfumes make their way in and out of my life, and I have loved every one of them. But the Light Blue has been my smell for 10 years. A long time to be that committed to a scent!

A few weeks ago I had a thought, that I took to immediately. The thought was , I need to change my scent. I am in a part of my life that has ended and a new beginning has emerged. A beginning only dreams and persistence are made of. With that, letting go of the old memories and familiarity of what once was is required to live from the present moment.

Only days after this thought, your perfume showed up. I have begun to learn the true art of living the creative life. Every moment is an opportunity to create a new. That is how we manifest the world around us. I have recently learned about the inner workings of who I AM. I am learning day by day the innate wild and the sensual grace that I am.

I wanted to thank you for the scent you have created. I am baffled by the inner wild woman I smell from the Rose de Provence.

Sweet, mysterious, strength, nurturing, encompassing, the one who knows. A scent worth living up to I might add. smile emoticon

I sprayed it for the first time that day...a very important time in my life and not to mention my 28th birthday! Since then, I smell 'her', this woman I have always dreamt of being, and I come home to the smell (for once I can smell a perfume linger), and I am reminded she is here. A new smell. A new life. A new scent to grow with.

Thank you again for putting your inner craft into fruition. You made a perfume yes...but to people like me, you put the creative life back on the table for others. Simple moments that are made magical. I hope Provence is filled with sunshine pouring through the trees and cotton balls whisp softly through the air. As you fully take in the life you are creating, over a peach iced-tea with your feet propped up looking out over the hills of green, remember that you being you is the best gift to others...even to 'strangers' who are across the world! A toast to life from afar!

Much love & light, Madison

Madison Abbot – Washington State 


"I often sit and reminisce on the amazing experience that took place last summer. As for the Rose de Provence, I must say that it took me back in time. We often hear a song and get drifted back to that very moment. Your perfume did the same. That smell, that unique, delightful smell, brought me back to the many fond memories I had in France. I remembered the wine tastings, the breeze, the people, the croissants, the trips and just about everything else that made my journey so special. The smell of your perfume was moving and humbling. It not only smelled AMAZING, but also reminded me of all the beauties and good times in France. Thank you for that.

 Nicole - Puerto Rico. 




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