Fragrances of Wine


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Originating from the derby state, Kentucky, Michelle McSwain fell in love with photography in high school. When she was in college, she majored in Art and really enjoyed ceramics and pottery, but knew she was naturally talented behind the camera lens.

After college, she moved to the big apple, New York City, to pursue her career, and has been there ever since.

Michelle says living her most fragrant life is in the ability to work for herself. “I’m happiest when I’m able to work with a client who has an idea and I’m able to bring it to life,” she says. The ability to be her own boss allows her to create a flexible schedule. Talk about #girlboss!

When she’s not behind the camera, you can catch her volunteering her time at a local animal shelter or rescue and working out.


What’s the very first thing you do in the morning: Snuggle with my dog Julep and give her belly rubs

Song you’re listening to: "Biking" by Frank Ocean

What are you toasting to in 2018? Moving to the West Coast, finally. A dream I've always had and finally decided to make come true this year.

 What does success smell like? Being able to support myself and family entirely off of my photography business, but an actual smell, would have to be vetiver. My best friend once got me a little room spray that was called "MONEY" and it was made with vetiver. I'd spray it around my desk every morning before I sat down and say out loud, "Making money moves today!" Haha. 

 Favorite motivational speaker: Sheryl Sandberg. Although I've never actually seen her speak, I found her books to be incredibly inspiring. Most notably, “Option B”, which inspired me to live a more compassionate life. It's a beautiful, heart-breaking book that really changed my perspective.

Social media platform you can’t live without: Oh, it'd have to be Instagram.

What country do you plan to visit this year? New Zealand! In just a week!

Tell me about a good memory that is associated with a smell or scent that you remember. (i.e. Whenever I smell the rain, it reminds me of when my mom would make us hot cocoa and watch movies. Whenever I smell a campfire it makes me think of the first trip I took with my now husband- camping in New Hampshire.

What is your favorite type of wine - red, white, rose, sparkling? Red. I love a good Pinot Noir

What's your favorite food to pair with your favorite glass of wine? Pasta. A giant bowl of pasta. Nothing really compares to sitting on a terrace on the Italian Riviera coastline with pasta and glass of red at sunset.

Which FOW fragrance is your favorite or that you'd like to try based on the ingredients and description of the fragrance? 

I'm going to go with "Sparkle"...I love a glass of champagne and think every day could use a little more celebration and sparkle.

Fill in the blank:

Love smells like your clothes after sitting around a campfire for hours

Happiness smells like clean fresh sheets on your bed

Mystery smells like the ocean

Life smells like a hike through the pacific northwest mountains

Current book you’re reading: “This Is How You Lose Her” by Junot Diaz

Name one thing you plan on giving up this year (not subject to food :) 

The place I've called home for the past 12 years is what I am giving up this year. I'll be moving from NYC to LA in August and have a complete mixture of feelings. I'm excited to start fresh in a whole new city but also leaving behind what has been home, my friends, my clients, my whole life for over a decade. It's going to be interesting for real.

What’s the last thing you do before you close your eyes: I know it's cheesy, but kiss my husband. We made a rule to never close our eyes at night without one kiss, no matter how tired we might be.



Tiffany Garcia is a native of California.  🇵🇷🇧🇧 i PR. i blog. i write. i curl. Follow me @tiffbritt_pr


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