Winestock at the Stone Hedge -Summer Wine Festivals

The Stone House at Cloves Lakes hosted Its 1st Annual Winestock event June 22nd, 2016 at 6pm.

At the event there was:

*Unlimited wine tastings

*Cheese and food pairings

*A Wine 101- sip and learn

*Vinome - Wine Matched to your DNA

*A Bubbly Bar- with creative cocktails inspired by Champagne

*Live Music

And of course our Wine scented perfumes beautifully arranged by Cindy Midouin, of Darcy Events 

Her arrangement of the Blanc,

 The Rosé,

 Le Noir, ( saying the Noir is a little weird for me)

 Last but not least Sparkle.

These beautiful ladies were trying out some of our perfumes.

Rosé was a favorite !

We all had an amazing night!


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