On the fourth day of Christmas...

... my baby gave to me, four wines and four perfumes.


With (only) 45 days left till the old man comes swinging down the chimney, we've put together a list of wines and their complimentary perfumes ready to be gifted on Christmas day.

These selections of fruity, fresh and frisky fragrances and drinks are specifically chosen with Christmas in mind, so look no further for gift inspirations!


Champagne is the godfather of all celebration beverages. Enjoy a flute – or two – of this sparkly liquid in the form of Moet & Chandon or Veuve Cliquot and let the festivities carry you through dusk till dawn!

Fragrance companion: Yvresse, Yves Saint Laurent – A sparkly and bubbly fragrance named after Champagne in 1993. Suitable for all occasions and events, its flirty and floral notes encompass nectarine, Otto rose, anise, blue rose and oak moss, making it the perfect fragrance for champagne lovers.

Mulled wine

This warm and fragrant concoction made from wine, cider, honey, cinnamon sticks and all things zingy and heady is the perfect beverage to enjoy in front of a crackling fire. Let the rich, spicy taste of mulled wine seep into your system, warming you from the inside out on those cold winter mornings. The wine is served at a warm temperature and can be made at home on the stove, therefore the taste shares a balance between sweet and tart, spicy and smokey.

Fragrance companion: Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne, Jo Malone,  –  Launched in 1990, the addictive and tantalizing notes of this cologne perfectly compliment mulled wine, making it its perfect companion. The woody scent features a mixture of ginger, sandalwood, cedar and nutmeg  the ultimate ingredients behind all things Christmassy!


Although technically a spirit, cognac, like wine, is made from grapes. This drink is for those who take pleasure in something slightly stronger than wine but something less potent than whiskey. Traditionally paired with a cigar, cognac originates in the southwestern province of Cognac, France, and can only be made there and its surrounding viticultural areas.

Fragrance companion: Evening Rose, Aerin – A vibrant and rich blend of rose centifolia and Bulgarian rose come together to form a sensual and luxurious fragrance that is both warm and floral, making you dream of secret candle-lit passages in unexplored landscapes.


Red and green are normally associated with Christmas, so why not choose a red-tinted hue for your guests to sip on. This zingy and flowery wine is fresher than red and headier than white, perfect for those who like the best of both. The shade of pink depends on how long the grapes' skin is left soaking in the wine, and the 'less vintage' the wine - aka 2014 -  the fresher the taste. 

Fragrance companion: Rose de Provence, Fragrances of Wine – Capturing the enchanting blend of the warm scents of Southern France, this lovely fragrance of rose wines mingled with fragrant rose petals is sun kissed with lavender, jasmine, violet, thyme and sage. 


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