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1) Musky fragrances are known for their earthy and spicy tones, but did you know that musk itself is a reddish-brown, aromatic substance that is secreted by the male musk deer? And since obtaining it requires the sacrifice of the animal it’s hardly ever used anymore, in its place, synthetic substitutes are used.

2) Remember over-spraying yourself with perfume? Yep, I’m sure you do. Your nose gets used to your signature fragrance almost immediately therefore you become immune to it, so while five spritz may smell subtle to you, others around you may find it overbearing.

3) Jean Carles, the early 20th century French perfumer who created fragrances such as Miss Dior, was said to have had his nose insured for one million dollars. In his later years, Carles gradually lost his olfaction, yet this didn’t stop him from creating perfumes purely based on his memory of the different smells and notes he had encountered.

4) The most expensive and exclusive perfume in the world is Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty, selling at $215,000 for 16.9 ounces. Captured in a Baccarat crystal bottle featuring an 18-carat gold collar and a five-carat crown shaped diamond, it serves as the most luxurious of fragrances served in the most luxurious of bottles.

5) Jasmine-scented perfumes are actually the result of a synthetic substance called Indole, which is extracted from the tar of coal. When it is used in low concentrations, it produces a sweet, floral small akin to jasmine.

6) Spraying perfume in your hair isn’t at all good for you. Perfume, being mainly alcohol, will dry out the ends of your hair leaving them brittle and worn out. Instead, try spraying it on your scalp seeing as perfumes last longer when in contact with heat and natural oil.

7) Just as women have more taste buds than men, they also have a stronger sense of smell. This is because the female brain has up to fifty percent more olfactory senses thanks to their biological makeup.

8) The human body can detect 10,000 smells.

9) Men’s colognes and fragrances aren’t just for men. Perfume doesn’t necessarily have assigned genders, nor are they inherently masculine or feminine. Around a third of men’s fragrances are actually worn by women, it’s just how the packaging is presented that makes us gravitate towards specific designs.

10) Perfume stays longer on well moisturized skin, especially oil. So moisturizing beforehand is a must if you want to make your scent last longer.


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