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Provence is known for it’s rosé wines, but did you know that the rosés here are dry and not sweet ?  There are several styles including a gastronomic rosé, best paired with salads, olives and cheeses and the other style is often referred to as fruité or more fruity and floral in style.  Neither is better than the other, they both are delicious!  In Provence, rosé wines are definitely for summer, in fact it is hard to find them in the winter which is reserved for reds and whites.  If you order a glass or bottle of rosé in a restaurant in Provence, don’t be surprised when it comes with a bowl of ice cubes.  The ice cubes are not mandatory, but if you want to drink that rosé nice and cold, then go for it.  When I first arrived here, I thought it was a deadly sin to put ice in wine….then I experienced my first summer in Aix.  It’s hot!  Fortunately we have the Mediterranean Sea nearby that brings cool breezes.

There is a wine called AIX from the Provence region around Aix-en-Provence.  It is displayed in an ice bucket under one of the many fountains in the city.  Fabulous for any occasion and the good news is they export to countries all around the world!

Tune in for the next blog on how rosé wine is made – it is not by mixing red and white wines, but by a traditional and beautiful process. 




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