Fragrances of Wine


Posted | by Alia Aluma

Every holiday starts with a community. Easter time brings together people all over the world who will celebrate in different ways with food, festival, and wine. While Easter is a Christian and Jewish Holiday,  it also lines up with the coming of Spring and has been celebrated and recognized in some pretty special and diverse ways. From dyed eggs to the ‘Dance of Death’ festival, Easter is a unique time of year that comes with fast, family, and reward.  

Spring is a welcomed and sometimes long-awaited season as people hurry through cold winter seasons. Weaning off from the Christmas Spirit, Easter season comes with flowers, new growth, and sunshine. In fact, the new spring season is so delightful and long awaited that bright coloured eggs will be hung from trees in Germany and neighboring European countries. This is done to encourage a full and beautiful blossom.

Just as fun and colourful… Kites! Yes, that’s right. Flying colourful, and often handmade kites is an Easter Celebrations in Bermuda. Recognizing ascent, freedom, and of course, the family time that comes with flying kites in the park. Much different than the ‘Dance of Death’ festival in Spain that brings out Spaniards in costume skeletons that dance in the wee hours of the night in honour of their ancestors.

Finally, one of the most colourful Spring celebrations is the Holi festival in India. Celebrated by Hindus around the world, Holi is a street filled, colour blasting celebration of food and dance that involves painting one another with the colours of spring. Beginning with a dance around an evening bonfire to kick off the streets being painted around the country, bringing everyone together to celebrate their community.   

Regardless of where and how you celebrate, this year FOW would love to be a part of your celebration. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect treat to hide with your collection of colourful Easter eggs, or a gift to show the people you love how much you care, FOW has fragrances that fit in your pocket. Making them great to take along to any celebration you partake in this year. And if we’re being real, what great celebration doesn’t come with a bottle (or two!) of wine?


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